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Handmade Fellows
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Sewchi - Handmade Fellows

Welcome to Sewchi - Handmade Fellows!

We are a little company with the focus on producing furry plushies. Every product is a handmade unique product. Our two experts Azaako and Shirani will make your ideas real and huggable and on times in which we have time to spare, there will be premades, too. You can find our pricelist if you scroll down but note that the price depends on the size and complexity of your character. Do you need help and advise? Then contact us and together we will work your idea out. Get yourself your handmade fellow!

The Sewchi Team

Lox - Mr. Boring

Lox is the guy who manages the company. He is the king of the boring stuff of everything, nobody wants to do voluntarily. Lox is the someone who deals with bureaucracy.

» Manager «

Azaako - The Mastermind

She is our expert for marketing and spreading our cotton over you all. You need advise? Ask her! How many plushies is Azaako able to produce in the shortest time? Yes!

» Freelancer «

Shirani - The Squeek!

She is our expert in doing sew stuff and our Jack of all trades in working out customer whishes. There is the rumour of a gryphon squeek sound coming out of the basement.

» Freelancer «

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