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Terms and Conditions


Our service will be paid by invoice via e-mail or via the PayPal payment service. Another payment option is not possible. We charge a surcharge of 3% of the total price for payment via Paypal. Your goods will not be shipped until payment has been received. Payment in installments is possible by arrangement and takes place according to the following scheme: 1st month: 50% | 2nd month 25% | 3rd month 25%. The goods will be sent after receiving 75% of the total amount. For reasons of clarity, we issue a single invoice once the installments have been paid in full. Also note that subsequent changes to requests or subsequent requests to work after completion of an order will be charged.

Returns and Repairs

Custom-made plushes are developed in close cooperation with the customer. A joint acceptance test is carried out before payment and shipping to ensure that the plush meets the customer's expectations. The plush is checked for damage, errors and the like in order to be able to carry out any correction work. A return shipment is not possible after acceptance by the customer for OC/custom-made products, unless there is damage caused by us and demonstrably not recognizable on the acceptance pictures. If there is damage to the plush, e.g. an open seam, a loosened application or similar, the repair is free of charge. Please note that damages caused by e.g. pulling your arms around will only be carried out at an additional cost. Special cases and large plushes must be agreed with us in advance before they can be returned. For smaller plushes within Germany, we assume the return costs. The return of a so-called premade is only possible up to one week after receipt, provided that it is not damaged and / or dirty. Please note that we do not cover damage in transit. Please contact the post office / DHL. We always ship our plushies with transport insurance from the carrier.


In addition to custom-made products, we also create pre-made plushes. We make duplicates of these several times and sell them directly at sales stands at conventions or directly to interested parties. A reservation is possible for a maximum of three days. This must be clearly legible in writing. After the deadline, the next interested party has the opportunity to reserve it or to buy it directly. It is important that we process the customers chronologically. First come first serve. There are also cases where we are asked to sell a premade as a one-off. If none have been sold yet, we will leave the plush as a one-off and will not make any more copies. The one-off surcharge is 50% in addition to the purchase price. The resale of premades to third parties is only possible at the same or lower purchase price (including sales tax, if applicable) and only if Sewchi is named. If we find any irregular behavior, we reserve the right to take legal action and no longer serve the customer in the future. If in doubt, please contact us at info@sewchi.de. We will find a solution for everything!

Order Cancellations

After the order has been placed, we procure the materials in order to be able to start with the custom-made product. If the order has already been placed at the time the order is canceled, we will invoice you for the materials ordered, but will not charge a surcharge. If work on the plush has already begun, we will charge 20% of the calculated total price in addition to the material costs.


Please make sure that you only give us orders for which you also own the copyright. If your OC has visual similarities to other people's characters, the author's permission must be obtained so that we can make the associated plush toy. We are not liable for copyright infringement, nor do we have the means or resources to investigate this. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the customer confirms that all rights exist. The customer is solely liable for copyright infringements.

If there are any questions about a topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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